Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Demo Has Exclusive DLC

The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo for the PlayStation 3 is now available and comes with exclusive DLC for anyone who tries it.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Demo Exclusive DLC image 1

Next month, Square Enix’s pink-haired lead of the Final Fantasy XIII series prepares for her own solo mission to save a world on the brink of destruction – again – in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. And on Tuesday, as part of the flood of new content on the PlayStation Network, you can download and try a demo of the game.

Participants who do so will be getting an exclusive piece of DLC for wasting their precious bandwidth too, a special costume for Lightning called the Utsusemi Samurai garb, which can be used for full retail release of Lightning Returns on February 11. You can also earn more free DLC – not available anywhere else – by sharing your battle scores through Facebook and Twitter when using the Outerworld feature.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Demo Exclusive DLC image 2

The Outerworld is basically the social space to Lightning Returns. Something you can totally ignore if you want to focus on the game’s new battle system, the Style-Change Active Time Battle, which blends certain elements of past battle systems in Final Fantasy’s XIII and XIII-2 to give Lightning a wide range of flashy actions and tactics.

Right now you can pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII can lock in the Cloud Strife costume DLC that will pretty up Lightning to look like the Final Fantasy VII protagonist along with his mighty Buster Sword.

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