PS4 Error Causing Save File Corruption, Users Complain

Early adopters of the PS4 are becoming accidental bug testers as an error in Sony’s console has begun to cause some save files to become corrupt and unusable.

PS4 hard drive replacement image

We sure did witness a lot of metaphorical mud-slinging in the run up to the release of both the PS4 and the Xbox One didn’t we? Fans of the two gaming heavy hitters slugged it out in forums and in comment threads with PS4 users seemingly getting the last laugh after both consoles were released when it was announced that the Xbox One had been hit with disc drive problems as well as a mysterious issue that saw Microsoft’s console leak. Now, it seems that players of the rival game box will be able to have a laugh now too as a new PS4 error is reportedly causing save files on some consoles to become corrupt, rendering them unusable for players of Sony’s new device.

According to posters in the ‘Support PS4’ section of the PlayStation Forum, the bug, which is called ‘ce-34878-0’, shows up and effectively ruins the next-gen gaming fun. Problems that the error causes could potentially make many of the PS4’s games unplayable – unless you complete them in a single sitting, that is – as it affects the game’s save file. One user described their experience with the ce-34878-0 error, saying that “[Their] Nba2k14 MyCareer save file has over 25 hours of progress and now it crashes shortly after tip off every time [they] load the file,” with another one suggesting that this is something Sony can’t avoid as the thread including reports of the error sat “at 33 pages and growing”, adding that this “should be a serious wake up call [to Sony]”.

For those who are experiencing the error, there is no wide released fix yet, but VG247 contacted their local Sony rep to receive that confirmation that “[Sony] are aware of the cases and [they] appreciate [our] patience while [they] investigate.” So while the problem might be a way off of being solved, a solution to the PS4 error is being looked into, which is at least a good thing for those wanting their next-gen consoles to work correctly.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: VG247, CVG

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