Konami Accounces New Suikoden Game Coming to PSP

Konami has just announced that a new Suikoden game will be making its way over to the PSP. The title is currently in development.

suikoden psp

Leave it to the Tokyo Games Show to hold all the best announcements. Fans have been speculating for some time as to when Konami would drop the announcement on us and it’s finally here.

According to sources, the new title will be the 6th official game in the Suikoden series (not counting some tertiary and spin off titles such as Suikoden Tactics and some re-releases we’ve seen over the years) and will be tentatively named, based off the Japanese translation, Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century.

What the game will be about is anyone’s guess at this point. We’ve only been able to see barely a minute long Japanese trailer adverstising that the game will be “coming soon”. More likely than not it will keep with the tradition of the past titles and continue the epic story of politics, betrayal and mystery.

There is no official release date for the title, but one can assume that it will be out sometime next year. As far as I know, Konami isn’t going to pull a “Blizzard release date” on us and announce something three years before it hits the market.

As well, with the approach of the Vita starting to overshadow the PSP, it would be best to release this title sooner rather than later when everyone’s sold off their PSPs and moved on.

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