‘Journey’ Demo From E3 2011

The developers that gave us Flower, are back this time with their next impactful gaming experience in Journey for the PlayStation Network.

Journey Screenshot 1

If life is a journey as they say, then the actual game “Journey” in every way adequately represents that defined sense of an experience one person takes as they reach their destination — the people they meet, the sights they see, and the emotions one feels as they proceed further along their trip.

That’s what Thatgamecompany, the darling developers who created the fantastic title that was 2009’s Flower, hope to impart on the player when they pick up a controller and play Journey (coming to the PlayStation Network.) Specifically, as a long-robed stranger – almost Middle Eastern in fashion – wandering a massive desert that appears endless in its scope.

The hooded character has no map or guide to lead them, but only a mountain in the distance which shines ever so brightly at its top. And that’s basically your task in Journey; to travel towards the top of that mountain where exactly what happens when you do is something Thatgamecompany is tight-lipped. Oooo, mysterious!

Journey Screenshot 2

Along the way, players can also come across pieces of cloth, very much the same dark red color as your character, which can be collected and used to fly for brief periods. There will also be ruins and magical objects that players will come across on their “Journey” – things that likely will help give keen insight to this strange foreign land.

Journey will also have online cooperative play, where players can randomly bump into other worldly travelers. But here’s the Thatgamecompany catch – other strangers that come into your game will not be identified with a username, while voice or text communication will not be possible either. Again, mysterious!

If you’re a fan of the types of thought-provoking games that Thatgamecompany makes, such as Flower and the like, then I implore you my good sir (or madam) to check out Journey (which is still TBA 2011) – ah, in fact here’s a wonderful game demo left over from this years E3 just for you (or for anyone else for that matter.)

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