Final Fantasy X HD Resurfaces! Coming For PS Vita and PS3

Square Enix have been a bit of a tease as of late, creating countdown sites for mobile games and not updating us on the games we really care about (KH3, FFXV, FF: Agito), but now we’re back on the right track! We finally have some information on the elusive Final Fantasy X HD remake.

Shinji Hashimoto (a Square Enix producer) appeared at a PS Vita stream to showcase some of the progress done on the announced-since-2011 Final Fantasy X HD remake for PS Vita and (get this, because this is the real news bit) PS3. Yes, PS3, you can relive the whole experience in HD in your own living room, just like old times.

The reason why it’s taken so long for any updates to surface about the game is because apparently this new version will have new character models, with better textures and an increased polygon count. Hashimoto says Square Enix wants Final Fantasy X’sHD remake to be the most polished HD remake. Well, sounds good, but we just want to play it now, right?

While a release date hasn’t been announced as of now, it’s safe to assume we should get a more constant stream of news this time around. This is the first time the game has been re-released on any platform since it originally came out for the PS2 back in 2001 (geez, where did time go?). We’re hopping this new version includes the extra content from the International versions, as Americans have been deprived for years now of the Penance fight, one of the coolest and hardest superbosses in the franchise.

Source: Silicon Era

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