Dragon’s Dogma Griffon Battle Trailer Released

Coming out on March next year, Dragon’s Dogma already makes some expectation.

Dragon's Dogma

An Action RPG by Capcom? And not only will we get what we’d all expect from any RPG, like custimizing our character’s appearance at will and choosing their class from the wise mage, the sturdy fighter, the agile strider, and other classes yet unknown; it’s been revealed that the game will feature a “grab” action by means of which the main character can climb onto big monsters and attack different body parts, dealing different damages with different effects (think about damaging a leg or the head); explore a vast open world, with big cities populated by NPCs that switch their locations according to their own schedules; and travel with up to three party members that interact with the main character by talking, aiding in combat, receiving instructions, seeking help, or even providing information on enemies.

The gameplay trailer below shows a taste of all this cool stuff. A previous trailer featuring a battle against a Hydra had been released, and now we’ll get to see a Griffon fight! Let’s seat back.

Click here to see the video on YouTube.

Fire-element bow, arrows and daggers. Coordinated teamwork on bringing down multiple lesser enemies and bigger ones. Epic soundtrack and dialog lines. I think I wanna play this game right now.

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