Get Ready To Enjoy Disc-Free Netflix On Your PlayStation 3

Toss away those red plastic discs my brothers and sisters, because PlayStation 3 users can now, at last, happily jump on the full Netflix experience bandwagon.

It started on Monday the 18th, probably just in time to help give comfort to anyone about to kick off a Halloween night monster movie fest (I know I will,) PlayStation 3 owners will be able to stream a wide selection of popular movies and television shows off the Netflix service – with no disc required!

Whoa… I think I just heard a million frustrated nerds on the Internet cynically yell out: “finally!!!”

Now instead of searching for that red Netflix disc, that always seems to find its way underneath your living room couch for some reason, you can now download a special Netflix app, that when launched on your PlayStation 3, will take you to an enhanced interface that vastly improves movie browsing, speed and searching wise. Very nice indeed.

Also for those who have spent half of their hard earned paychecks on fancy big televisions, now get their time to shine, as some media content from the Netflix catalogue will be streamed in 1080p resolution and/or in 5.1-channel Dolby Digital Plus surround audio. Awesome for turning your average old-pizza-box decorated living room set-up into the multiplex theater of your dreams.

Other interesting features for the now disc-less Netflix experience on the PlayStation 3, include subtitles for some streaming movies and television shows. So fear not Anime watchers and those who desperately wish to give their precious ears a nice little rest, Sony’s got you covered.

The new disc-free Netflix app, by the time this blog post hits the web, should be readily available for download on the PlayStation Network. So go check it out, like right now!

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Via: The PlayStation Blog

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