Awesome Devil May Cry Dante Revoltech Action Figure

While we wait for Devil May Cry 5 to get a release date, there are other new ways to experience the characters and fun and such example is this new Dante Action Figure. dante devil may cry action figure

We all know Dante as the Badass character from the Devil May Cry series, and this 6 inch action figure provide many of the amaizng poses, views and weapons to recreate the gameplay we fell in love with so long ago.

This specific Dante Action Figure comes equipped with a cool ‘joint system’ allowing you to change the different poses for the ultimate cool factor. Dante also includes 2 handguns, a sword, a double-barelled sawed-off shotgun and a Gothic looking electric guitar. Moreover, there is an additional head replacement, so you have double the fun.

The Dante Figure runs for only $25 and may be the perfect fix while we wait for a new arrival from the crazy video game series.

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