Illustrative Photographs Reveal How Wicked PS3 Really Is

PS3, as we all know is THE kick-ass console ever. In fact, it is so evil that it even inspired Internet artist Chris Anthony to create a series of photographic illustrations to suggest the bad ass nature of our favourite console. In one of the illustrations, what seems to be a chess set piece lies broken and bleeding while a slick PS3 looks on, like an evil ogre.

cool playstation 3 artwork

In another eerie and futuristic illustration, the PS3 watches cold heartedly as the wall clock melts down slowly under its evil gaze.

cool ps3 artwork

The poor Orange’s eyes pop out when it is under the ominous influence of a PS3’s wickedness.

cool playstation 3 illustrations

One illustration that would break the hearts of all Rubik’s Cube fans is this illustration where the PS3 reduces the famed cube to lose its color in a bloody puddle. I actually like this illustration a lot as puzzles drive me crazy.

cool ps3 designs and drawings

The last and the most decisive of all the illustrations perhaps is the one where a room has exploded into smithereens revealing an ancient world with flying archaeopteryxes caught in flames. Even in such a hostile atmosphere, PS3 watches on, like it is going to burn the house down.

weird playstation 3 artwork

And of course, PS3 is the perpetrator behind all the wickedness and these photographs reveal how many arses PS3 can really kick in an eerie manner. If this doesn’t tell you that PS3 is wicked, you should check out the bad ass Microwaved PS3. You could also learn How to Microwave a PS3. Whew!

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