Dark and Sensual PS3 Cake for Fitty

All that you would need when you are hungry is something to eat. This is a fallacy that most ordinary people think, but when it comes to geeks it is something else! Geeks eat cakes when they are hungry!

ps3 weird cake

Much like Marie Antoinette who suggested we eat cake if we don’t have bread; geeks seem to be churning out video game inspired cakes no matter what time of the year, day or life it is! Here is yet another cool PS3 cake that has been created for someone called “Fitty“. The cake looks slightly clumsy, but I am sure when you dig your teeth into the controller and the console, you would forget how clumsy or crazy it looked prior to your teeth sinking into them.

I am sure this cake comes with thousands of calories, and if you are an obese person who leads a sedentary lifestyle in front of the console and display, the cake might only aggravate your problems! Thus, make sure you not only eat cake and play video games, but also exercise a little! You could also take a look at the Delicious Sackboy Cake and the Gluttonous Sackboy Cake. I am sure all these cakes are enough to satiate your appetite.

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