Street Fighter 4 Character Moves for Unlocked Characters

[Update: for complete instructions for Gouken and Akuma unlocking, check out How To Unlock Gouken and Akuma]

Street Fighter 4 is finally here, and you are ready for the fight, ready for the competition, and simply ready to beat up your opponents. If the regular Street Fighter 4 Characters moves list is not enough for you, and you want some more characters…then you came to the right place.

Below we gathered the unlock methods along with their respective moves for Seth, Akuma and Gouken. This way, once you have already mastered all characters…here are some more for you to fight with.


Street Fighter 4 Moves Legend

P – Punch
LP – Low Punch
MP – Medium Punch
HP – Hard Punch
K – Kick
LK – Low Kick
MK – Medium Kick
HK – Hard Kick
D – Down
DB – Down/Back
DT – Down/Towards
T – Towards
B – Back
UB – Up/Back
UT – Up/Towards
U – Up

Unlock Seth:

Complete Arcade Mode with all characters (not unlocked ones) along with the bonus character.


Seth Special Street Fighter 4 Moves

Seth Sonic Boom: D, DT, T + P
Seth Shoryuken: T, D, DT + P
Seth Hyakuretsukyaku: D, DB, B, + K
Seth Tandem Engine: D, DB, B + P
Seth Yoga Teleport: T, D, DT (or DB) + 3P(or 3K)
Seth Spinning Piledriver: B, DB, D, DT, T, UT, U + P

Seth EX Moves

Seth EX-Sonic Boom: D, DT, T + 2P
Seth EX-Shoryuken: T, D, DT + 2P
Seth EX-Hyakuretsukyaku: D, DB, B + 2K
Seth EX-Tandem Engine: D, DB, B + 2P
Seth EX-Spinning Piledriver: B, DB, D, DT, T, UT, U + 2P

Seth Super and Ultra Moves

Seth Tandem Storm: D, DT, T, D, DT, T + P
Seth Tandem Stream: D, DT, T, D, DT, T + 3P

Unlock Akuma:

Once all regular characters are unlocked (not Akuma, Gouken or Seth), play Arcade mode with your favorite character and get minimum two Perfects along with minimum two Ultra Finishes. You will be prompted to fight Akuma after Seth, where you must beat him to unlock him.


Akuma Special Street Fighter 4 Moves

Akuma Gou Hadouken (Fireball): D, DT, T + P
Akuma Zankuu Hadouken (Fireball): D, DT, T + P (while in air)
Akuma Hyakki Shuu (Demon Flip): D, T, DT + K

Akuma EX Moves

Akuma EX-Gou Hadouken (Fireball): D, DT, T + 2P
Akuma EX-Zankuu Shoryuken (Dragon Punch Uppercut): D, DT, T + P (while in air)

Akuma Super and Ultra Moves

Akuma Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon): LP, LP, T, LK, HP
Akuma Shun Goku Satsu: LP, LP, B, LK, HP

Unlock Gouken:

After Akuma is unlocked (see above), play Arcade mode with your favorite characters and minimum two Perfects along with a minimum of three Ultra Finishes. You will be prompted to fight Gouken after Seth, where you must beat him to unlock him.


Gouken Special Street Fighter 4 Moves

Gouken Gohadouken: D, DT, T + P
Gouken Senkugoshoha: D, T, DT + P
3Gouken Tatsumaki Gorasen: D, DT, B + K
Gouken Kongoshin: B, D, DB + P (or K)
Gouken Hyakki Shu: D, T, DT + K

Gouken EX Moves

Gouken EX-Gohadouken: D, DT, T + 2P
Gouken EX-Senkugoshoha: D, T, DT + 2P
Gouken EX-Tatsumaki Gorasen: D, DT, B + 2K
Gouken EX-Kongoshin: B, D, DB + 2P (or 2K)
Gouken EX-Hyakki Shu: D, T, DT + 2K

Gouken Super and Ultra Moves

Gouken Forbidden Shoryuken: D, DT, T, D, DT, T + P
Gouken Shin Shoryuken: D, DT, T, D, DT, T + 3P
Gouken Throw Launcher B, LP + LK

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30 thoughts on “Street Fighter 4 Character Moves for Unlocked Characters

  1. T!MMY B .

    Gouken: After unlocking Akuma, Sakura Kasugano, Dan Hibiki, Cammy White, Fei Long, Gen and Rose. Fight Gouken on arcade mode, to do that, get at least 2 perfects and 3 ultra finishes. Beating him will unlock him.

    DID THAT…and still NO GOUKEN. i keep fighting akuma at the end. what am i doing wrong?!

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  3. admin .

    After you unlocked the following: Akuma, Sakura, Dan, Cammy, Fei Long, Gen and Rose you will be able to fight Gouken when playing Arcade mode. BUT…to get there you must get minimum 2 Perfects and 3 Ultra Finishes WITHOUT dying even once – perhaps that is the dilemma.

    This should let you fight Gouken, where you must beat him to unlock.

    Hope it helps.

  4. Shockwave .

    Unlock Seth:

    Complete Arcade Mode with all characters (not unlocked ones) along with the bonus character.

    Who does “along with the bonus character.” refer to?

  5. Michael .

    I’ve done all this stuff, fought and beat gouken at the end 3 times now, and still haven’t unlocked him somehow…

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  7. uknown .

    you have to unlock all the endings!!! no matter what! and then repeat the procedure…whatever they said on the ultras and perfects!

  8. Lou .

    You need to finish the game with Akuma once you’ve unlocked him, then do the 2 Perfects 3UltraFin’s to be able to fight Gouken and he should unlock

  9. randy .

    i fought gouken and beat him . i did not get him. why is that? i did not lose a round . not even in the fights leading up to it. what did i do wrong?

  10. Jason .

    Ok i bought the strategy guide and what it says to do is nothing like what this says to do… but ive done both and still have not unlocked seth. he is supposed to be unlocked after beating the game with all 16 standard characters… ive done that… hell ive even beat it with most the unlockable characters… still nothing. is this a glitch?

  11. jermaine .

    Akuma: After unlocking all characters except for Seth, Gouken, and Akuma, play Arcade mode with Ryu. During the first two fights, win them with nothing but the “Jump in kick and sweep” method (Fierce Kicks only) and get a “Perfect”. For the third and fourth fights, repeat the method but instead of finishing them off, take a beating to fill your Ultra combo and unleash it to finish them. For the remaining fights, repeat the “Jump in kick and sweep” method to finish the fights (no Ultras necessary). If done correctly, Akuma should appear after defeating Seth. Defeat Akuma to unlock him.

    # Gouken: Complete Arcade mode with Akuma. How you win does not matter. You will not meet him in the end. Then, go back and finish Arcade mode again as Ryu (using the same method used to unlock Akuma), only this time you will perform an Ultra on the fifth fight in addition to third and fourth. Defeat Seth and Gouken will appear. Defeat him to unlock him.

  12. Steven .

    I’ve run into the same problem as some of the others. I’ve unlocked akuma did the whole thing about winning every fight with 3 ultra finishes and 2 perfects I fought Gouken but his character does not unlock. . I’ve done this multiple times what’s the deal?! Someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kenr1c .


  14. david .

    completed the game every 1 exeped akuma , guken and seth but i carn’t unlock him for some reason can someone help

  15. TRUST ME .

    To solve all your concerns, ignore all you’ve read, beat the game with anyone on any difficulty with 2 perfects and 2 ultras (NOT INCLUDING SETH) to get at AKUMA

    BEAT THE GAME WITH AKUMA, watch his ending, THEN BEAT GAME AGAIN WITH ANYONE with 2 Perfects and 3 ULTRA finishes.

    *condition that applies to all of the above is, no continues, so simply, DONT DIE!

  16. Jay .

    You have to beat arcade mode with Akuma and his video will be unlocked. Then complete the game with any character with just 1 perfect and 3 ultras. Gouken is yours!!!

  17. 411DL .

    Ok… What really must we do to unlock Seth? Not that I care to use him but having him be the only unlocked character just pisses me off and I hate loose ends. I thought I only needed to beat the game with every character (evidence of that being all the movies in the gallery). Is there any other special conditions I must meet? Play it through with every character twice without loosing a round? Really I never want to touch Rufos again so…

  18. Turbogolf03 .

    to get Gouken, your all almost correct.

    1. You do need to NOT die
    2. if you do 1 match only, then 1 perfect, 3 ultra FINISH combo, and 5 FIRST attacks.

    I unlocked him this way.

  19. Joe .

    Yes how do you get seth, I’ve beaten the game with everyone and it’s still not given me seth like I’ve been reading on, does anyone know what to do, or is this a Glitch?

  20. chad .

    im new to this game. how do you unlock the regular charater? i played on very easy,easy and medium with one round . all i got was the movies and no charaters.

  21. Kerwin .

    this is to chad to unlock the characters you gotta use ryu to unlock sakura, chun li to unlock gen, m.bison to unlock rose, c viper unlocks cammy, sakura unlocks dan, abel unlocks fei long, then do the steps to unlock akuma, what i did was set it to easiest level 1 round no time , so 1 perfect, and no continues, until you face seth, and then akuma will challenge you beat him and he’s yours after beating akuma watch the his movie at the end do not skip it, this will trigger something so that when you play aracade again gouken will challenge you after seth, and then for gouken what i did was set level for easiest 1 round no time, and do 1 perfect 3 ultra combos or more, 5 first attacks or more, and no continues even with seth to go about the no continues just press start on the other controller when you know your gonna lose, this will save you from starting all over again, and once you get the 1 perfect 3 ultra combos and 5 first attack just hard kick the cpu, i use akuma to unlock gouken and i just did hadouken for first attack challenge and perfect challenge and for the 3 ultra combos i just knock there life down to more than half and then let the cpu beat me up for a bit then my revenge bar is full and then i do akuma’s ultra combo very effective so yah for seth i have yet to unlock him hope this helps

  22. non of your buisness .

    i unlocked every1 except seth
    i beat the game with everyone n im 101% positive that i did
    i aint unlock seth still
    any help any1?

  23. bob .

    i did the goku thing but i keep geeting akuma aswell. i put it on 2 rounds to make it easier and i lost 1 round to seth but not the whole battle does this still count?

  24. B .

    before the first words of “INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!” come on, you must enter the following code 5 times in a row :

    up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, O, start.

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  26. ;kl .

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