Hulu Plus On PlayStation 3 — Now Available And Still Awesome

Ditch the cable box, and turn you PlayStation 3 into the ultimate video media accessing machine with the full release of Hulu Plus.

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Perhaps the Disney/Pixar movie Wall-E wasn’t too far off with it’s future depiction of our human species. Severely obese people slouched upon a futuristic La-Z-Boy chair that provides every need and comfort to it’s occupant.

For a person, such as myself, who takes much pride and care in his current appearance, it’s a bit of a scary thought (only because I’m a weak-willed person and probably will be the first of many to hop on the futuristic La-Z-Boy chair craze.)

And while, sure, it’s just a cartoon movie and has little chance of ever becoming reality — sometimes I fear with all the media bells and whistles the PlayStation 3 has, that we might be on the cusp of fulling such a sluggish and heart-clogging prophecy.

Cast your eyes upon the next step in our human devolution (not really) — with the exciting full release of Hulu Plus available from the PlayStation Store right now. And by full release I mean no longer just for PlayStation Plus members, but now for every PlayStation 3 user for a $9.99 monthly subscription fee.

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Hulu is one the largest and popular video media streaming sites on the web, and has a wide selection of current hit TV shows (Modern Family, 30 Rock, House M.D.) and movies from all the big name studios and networks that you can shake a stick at.

To sign up for Hulu Plus, once you’ve downloaded the app via the PlayStation store, you then go to this address:, and then receive a referral code to enter back at your PlayStation 3 to gain access to all that beautiful video content to be streamed to your console in HD (720p).

For all your TV show and movie watching needs Hulu Plus is a pretty sweet deal, especially considering all the media content you get at a cheap price point of $9.99 a month. Not bad at all.

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4 thoughts on “Hulu Plus On PlayStation 3 — Now Available And Still Awesome

  1. Aries .

    I gave thhe hulu plus a try, checked out what they had to offer and I have to say, in a work…..SUCKS!!! Come on people really?? It claims to offer more then standard hulu, with all these other network and channels and give you a steaming pile of crap. Cancelled my subscription the very next day. Literally!! I came across more than 10 shows that were web only…..and a message saying they are working on having that development issue resolved. Really!?! So Im basically paying to get less, of something I can get more out of online for free?? You people who make these things up really need to get your heads out your ass!! No wonder netflix is kicking your ass.

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