First Free Animated PS3 Theme Available: Afrika PS3 Dynamic Theme

With the new 120GB PS3 Slim released and the new PS3 Firmware Update v 3.00, new dynamic and animated themes are enabled, and until all are offered, here is the first free one. free ps3 animated theme afrika

The new Afrika dynamic theme for the PS3 is available for free if you have a Japanese PS account. If you do not, you can follow these instructions and then be on your way to the Afrika animated theme.

free ps3 dynamic theme afrika

If the economic situation isn’t affecting you as much, then a paid Little Big Planet Animated theme is also available in the Playstation Network, but then again…it is $3.

If you run across additional Animated and Dynamic PS3 Themes, please send them by; especially if they are Free…Playstation 3 fans must unite and share such pertinent information.

Via: SixthAxis

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