PS3 Themed Shoe Design Pulls Off A Fast One

Not your ordinary kind of sprinting shoe, this is the all new PS3 Sprint Shoe the shoe that has the blood of PS3 Design flowing in each of it’s layers and it’s soul.. err.. sole. Michael Brown has designed this cool new sprint wear that leaves a trail of gaming everywhere one treads with it.

PS3 Themed Shoe Pulls Off A Fast One1

The amazing design and idea are inspired by the famous gaming console, the PS3, and the whole concept behind the project was to bring the cool theme of gaming into the world of actual sports. The upper part of the shoe is patent leather while the sole of the shoe wraps around the base and right up to the sides of the shoe, also the back heel is a part of the sole itself, making it very durable and unique.PS3 Themed Shoe Pulls Off A Fast One2

PS3 Themed Shoe Pulls Off A Fast One5

The best part of the shoe is the custom made sole, the huge number of designs suggest that it might have taken a lifetime for Mike to come up with something that goes perfectly with the gaming theme. The custom made shoe design is extremely awesome and can be worn as a casual wear apart from it’s original purpose of sprinting, all thanks to the cool leather design.PS3 Themed Shoe Pulls Off A Fast One3

So all those who were waiting something similar might have to wait for a little more, and guess what, if you are getting very impatient we have just the right thing for you- the Metal Gear Solid Sneakers to satisfy your hunger for now.PS3 Themed Shoe Pulls Off A Fast One4

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