XCM Rumble Joystick for PS3


XCM has launched the cool new Rumble Joystick, which well, rumbles a lot. It is quite similar to their previous XCM Dominator which was quite cool too. It is also being touted as the only PS3 joystick that rumbles on its own and it might be a great thing when you are playing games as that would add an extra effect to your sensory experience.

It would be the perfect tool to use when playing fighting games as that would help one to feel the ‘shot’ to put it in a certain way. It comes with 4 memory buttons which allow you to program your macros. These buttons are placed strategically to reduce finger movements and increase efficiency of the player. It also has the much needed and appreciated Rapid Fire and Turbo buttons.

Enabled with an awesome XO adapter for PS3, it will soon rock the gaming world like never before. There isn’t much difference though, in terms of functionality except for the rumbling part. Moreover, there isn’t any information about the price though it would be shipped in just under a month. It would be great to check this joystick oneself as the features look quite exciting.

Via: SlipperyBrick

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