Why the PS3 is Better than other Game Consoles

According to Scott Steinberg, a Sony Executive, the Sony Playstation 3 is a Gaming Console above the rest. Big surprise coming from an individual working for Sony. It is great that he believes in his company’s product and stands behind it with such claims, but isn’t he supposed to support the PS3? Isn’t that his job? He goes on to explain his views with a personal post at EDGE titled “My Belief in the Playstation 3 Advantage“.

Steinberg goes on to divide his argument by the following five sections: Blu-Ray and Downloadables, Games, PSN’s Digital Lifestyle, the Future and also First Party Exclusives.

Immediately off of the top, the Blu-Ray advatage is increased with tha Industry support of this format. In addition, by providing a choice of either Blu-Ray and also content that may be downloaded and requires no disk, the consumer gets an actual selection which is always a plus.

As in Games, choice and Blu-Ray is again mentioned. A major choice of games is made and provided for the PS3, and with the ability of Blu-Ray, a platform to create massive games is also available.

The Playstation Network (PSN) offers great services which Scott makes sure to highlight nicely: are FREE.

For Scott’s further explanations and details of how the PS3 outweighs the competition, check his personal Blog post and see if you agree with his arguments.

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