Street Fighter Ken PS3 Controller Mod is Flashy


A French modder has created an awesome mod by replacing 8 buttons and the stick present in the original Mayflash Stick Fighting by other buttons and a cool Sanwa stick. Moreover, many players always try to paste images from their favorite video games and hence, he also incorporated the action of attaching a Street Fighter IV image into the modding procedure.


After several hours of tweaking and sweating, the French guy was able to convert the boring Mayflash arcade stick into an amazing and strikingly bringht with the purple Street Fighter IV image. The buttons come in purple too and in yellow, when being used. The control stick specially looks amazing with the purple hint again suggesting a royal touch to the PS3 controller mod. The Mayflash Mod costs 37 Euros including shipping charges.


The guy has used Sanwa JLF-TP and Seimitsu PS-14-KN x 6 to create the flashy Mayflash Modded Stick. It would appeal to any Street Fighter fan and even if you are not a great fan, you could follow the guy’s instructions and build your own with other images and colors like in the manual. It would be a great idea too, as you can fix the image you want instead of the Street Fighter IV image. In any case, a brilliant display of talent and innovation, we feel.


Thanks to Michael for the great PS3 controller art.



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