Stick it to the Man! & Puppeteer Lead Off PS Plus In May

It’s time to preview what’s coming for the Instant Game Collection in May.

Stick it to the Man PS4 image

The offerings are bountiful as usual when it comes to the Instant Game Collection, and the month May is no different.

Coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 4, after making the rounds on the PS3 and PS Vita, is Stick it to the Man! Like April’s offering of Mercenary Kings, Sony is showcasing another unique Indie game for their new platform, this one a tad bit more imaginative.

In the point-and-click adventure game, players control a hard hat tester named Ray, who one day discovers a giant pink hand sticking from his head. From there, you’ll use this odd appendage to read other people’s minds (cause, uh, that’s how mind reading works) and go on all sorts of wacky shenanigans. Sounds cool.

Puppeteer PS3 image

That PlayStation 3, though. Probably the winner, winner chicken dinner of all three platforms for the month, and it’s mostly because of this criminally overlooked game being added. Puppeteer was released last year with hardly a glance, even despite it’s gushing praise. Thankfully, the charming platformer of a boy turned puppet that must save the lost souls of his peers from a wicked king bear, will get another chance in the sun. As it should.

Of course, there’s also 2D fighting game Skullgirls Encore, a re-release of the original Skullgirls with loads more groovy content, and the FOX Engine-powered Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to enjoy. And those aren’t slouch picks either – no sir.

Limbo PSN Image 3

Turning to the PlayStation Vita, there is the one-two-Indie punch of Limbo and Surge Deluxe. The first, a critically acclaimed story of a boy searching for his sister in the afterlife, and the later a color-pulsing puzzle game that blends in addictive block matching.

Check out the May preview for PlayStation Plus below.

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