Spring Fever 2014 Highlights March Indie Releases

Get the fever for some awesome indie games coming this month to the PlayStation Network.

Spring Fever Indie Games 2014 PSN image

When spring comes, it brings flowers. With Sony and their annual Spring Fever promotion on the PlayStation Network, it’s indie games. Quite a few high profiles ones to boot, like the well-regarded 2D puzzle game Fez, and the monochrome dogfighter Luftrausers – both of which are cross-buy purchases.

Those are just two splendid indie titles making their way in the coming weeks, each one available for 20% off for PlayStation Plus members within their first release week. So say, $7.99 for Steam World Dig ($9.99 regular), a cute platformer centered around western mining that has been a hit on Steam and the Nintendo 3DS, and is a must buy at that price.

Actually, they all are. Speaking of which…

Spring Fever Indie Games 2014 image

Games noted above with asterisks, most notably Stream World Dig and Fez, are cross-buy games between all three PlayStation platforms, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. That Sony value. Only matched by their passionate commitment for bringing fantastic indie games to their systems. I can’t wait to see what they bring next.

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