New PS3 Slim Rumor

[Update: PS3 Slim has been made official]

[Update: We apologize, but the images of the rumored PS3 Slim were removed.]

The PS3 has been around long enough for a new PS3 design to be released just like the different Playstation 2 consoles been through.

This spy shots show a hopeful new PS3 console that is slimmer and perhaps will bring the new wave of consoles to the market. It isn’t a PS3 Mod and could simply be a fabrication using simple editing tools. Overall, we are hoping for better images to surface soon, because this rumor is simply killing us.

If, and only if, this truly is the upcoming new PS3, is it what you were hoping for as Playstation fans or are there specific looks and features which would make you appreciate it more.

Via: Gizmodo

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