PS3 Gaming Shirts Aims To Bring Geeks Closer

Simple yet highly effective, this could be the next PS3 fan attractor and the geek attractor alike. Alexander Shakhovskoy a cool designer has come up with some very Geeky yet simple designs that make a person stand out in the crowd. One of his cool creations is the Game Kid Shirt, a shirt that portrays the controller keys of a PS3 gaming console with a simple text that reads PLAY.

sony ps3 controller t shirt design

His creations are known to be simple yet highly appealing to the crowd and unlike the other gaming T-shirts, all his shirts display a few graphics and some very decent color schemes. His views on this particular creation are very simple (just as the shirt itself), he wants all the world to meet each other and share their likes, hence for the gaming community what could be a better design than the controller keys of the console itself?. He dreams of a world where people would recognize others tastes through the clothes they wear, and this design definitely tell us what kind of person might go for it, yes! the Smart, Geeky, Cool and an obvious Gamer who loves to socialize.

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