Starting Today Get The Third Dimension Gaming Experience With The PS3-3D!

Always wanted to get into the super cool games that you played?(of course eliminating the bodily contact and pain in some of the games), well this is your chance, Sony is now launching the PS3-3D, a collection of some of the coolest games all tuned into the third dimension.

A firmware update released in April this year has now given the console the ability to leap into the third dimension, games like Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Super Stardust HD, Wipeout HD, and PAIN are set to be released today in the new 3D version. Also to promote their latest product- the Sony Bravia 3D T.V, the company has decided to add a little extra punch, you get a free voucher on purchase of the T.V set through which you can download all the above mentioned four games for free!

But before you get caught up in all the hype and fanfare, there are a few things you need to know- stuff like, you need to own a PS3 and a T.V that is 3D compatible and some more! do also checkout games like 3D Dot Game Heroes that will be quite amusing in the 3D environment.

via:[Device Mag]

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