PS2 Controller Concept in Black and Orange

While it has been quite some time that we spoke passionately about PS2 or its controllers, there still is a huge fan following for the cool console that gave joy to millions of people.

gameball ps3 controller

Many people still use it though, and thus John Paul Hartigan created a cool PS2 controller as part of a project for Logitech. The PS2 controller was made using foam and it was handmade. Titled GameBall, the PS2 controller comes in black and orange hues and looks pretty cute.

logitech ps3 controller design

With two main buttons and other smaller ones for different functions, the PS2 controller is pretty ergonomic. More than anything else, I like the visual appeal of the cool controller and that is perhaps its best selling point. Considering it was done as a project for Logitech, John Paul Hartigan must still be a student who certainly is good at school.

gameball playstation 3 controller

ps3 controller game on

You could also take a look at the solidworks rendering which looks totally kick-ass. It would be amazing if such a controller makes it to the market, but unfortunately most concepts never see the light of the day. We had written about Slimline PS2 Portable console many months ago. PS2 still rocks, nevertheless and most of those who used it would admit it.

ps3 logitech controller concept

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