Knight Raizer: an attractive Portable PS2 mod

Irrespective of whether you have seen handheld, portable PS2 mods before or not, the one called the Knight Raizer is surely going to get you interested.


Unlike some other mods that I have come across, the Knight Raizer doesn’t feature a disc drive. So, you no longer need to scratch the optical disc reader or carry your stack of DVDs whenever you want to play. If you are now wondering how the device works, it’s the USB thumb drive located on the back of this system that help the games to boot, and PC backups that help in game storage.

With an old Lazer Doodles electronic toy used as its casing, the Knight Raizer has a black paint finish, and a lighted case fan. The Logitech controller having the shoulder buttons, and an LED to light up the screen add a bit of magic to your gaming experience. Though you can’t call the Knight Raizer to score high on the aesthetic quotient, it surely is a cool way to enjoy a different experience with your gaming sessions.

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Via: Gizmo Watch

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