Second Free PS3 Dynamic Theme: Wipeout Fury PS3 Animated Theme

It is great to hear that Euro PSN has added three new PS3 Dynamic Themes with one of Wipeout Fury that seems to be offered for free. These new Animated themes are now possible with the latest PS3 Firmware Update 3.00 and seem to excite a lot of Playstation fans, so another for free is always a plus. free ps3 dynamic theme wipeout

The new Euro PSN Update added three separate Dynamic themes for the PS3 including: MotorStorm Dynamic Theme, WipEout HD Dynamic Theme and LittleBigPlanet ‘Sackboy on the run’ Dynamic Theme. The MotoStorm and the LBP both have prices next to them, while the Wiepout Fury Playstation 3 Animated theme does not…free dynamic theme?

Although there is already the Free PS3 Dynamic Theme Afrika released and available, it is always fun to receive some else for free…especially if it is a cool theme like the Wipeout Fury.

free ps3 animated theme wipeout fury

An example video of the Wipeout PS3 Theme can be seen below, and it does look a little more Playstation like than the Afrika one.

Anyways, if you run across other finds of Free PS3 Animated themes, please send us a line, so all Playstation 3 fans could get a taste of the new dynamic themes.

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