Fez Debuts On PlayStation Network With Cross-Buy & Cross-Save

Turn your dimension and your attention towards this week’s biggest indie release for the PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita.

Fez on PlayStation 4 PS3 PS Vita image

Much like its gameplay, there are many layers to the bright and cheerful-looking puzzle game Fez. The likes of which PlayStation users will finally get a good taste of, as the notable indie game finally arrives to the PlayStation Network this week (March 25).

I won’t speak to the controversy surrounding the game’s creator; you can certainly Google search a mountain of info on that in a sinch. Rather, for the uninformed, Fez is a delightful 2D title that involves a brilliant puzzle mechanic where players must think in more than one gaming plane in order to solve its mind-bending mysteries.

As the titular fez-wearing Gomez, this basically means rotating environments like a Rubik’s Cube to find a simple means of transversal towards the end-level prize. Like so, where a blocked path might seem a dead end for our fuzzy little hero, a simple twist of the level might reveal a hidden passage to get you on your way. In Fez, all is not what it seems.

VIDEO TO ADD [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXvE52hPYmY]

It’s that dimension-swapping addictiveness (and oh boy, it is wonderfully addictive) that has earned Fez its well-due honors from gaming publications around the net. Now, a whole new audience can enjoy the game this week for the price of $12.99, or 25% off ($9.74) until April 2 for PlayStation Plus members.

Better yet, the game is cross-buy and cross save between PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita. Yup, you get to own all three Sony platforms to which Fez belongs to, plus you’ll also get the radical benefit of continuing your progress no matter the system you’re playing on. Quite excellent, indeed.

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