PS3 Texas Cheat ‘Em Breaks the Rules

If you are tired of playing the same old Texas Hold ‘Em Poker on the PS3, you could try playing its cheat counterpart: “Texas Cheat’Em”. The game has modified all the poker rules of the original to suit the needs of gaming cheaters. The game not only has weird poker rules but also allows you to cheat in order to win! This surely must be the kind of video game you have been looking for. You could use tricks like x-ray vision, chip stealing, downright cheating and more in order to get the best poker hand.

In fact, in order to win this poker video game, you will have to go ahead and cheat your opponents. There is also scope for you to become a master chip cheater as you progress from being a novice to being a Playstation 3 cheating expert. The game features voice chat and Leaderboards, and the PSP version will also support achievements and entitlements.

Looks like cheating never had been such fun on the Playstation 3 or in Poker, and never had cheating been encouraged so openly. In my opinion, Texas Cheat’Em is a great PS3 cheat to spend time and to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ and special moves to put it euphemistically. Go ahead and get a partner to cheat, and have a nice time playing Texas Cheat ‘Em instead of Texas Hold ‘Em!

Via: WorthPlaying

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