The Most Incredible PS3 Mods By Jriquelme

Today we bring you a collection of mods by South American modding superstar Jriquelme, from Asunción, Paraguay.

If you have any interest in the modding community at all, chances are (whether you realize or not) that most of your favorite productions are creations of Jriquelme. He has even worked with Sony themselves creating special editions that ended up being gifts for other third parties or key members of the company, so at least, we can be sure his work is recognized. Be sure to check out and like his Facebook page, as it gets updated quite often, and you’ll be able to stay on top of his latest creations.

In this gallery, we’ve collected some of our favorite pieces he’s done based off of the almighty PS3, the console which has brought us so many happy years, games, and experiences. Enjoy the gallery, and be sure to point out your favorite designs in the comments section!

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