PS3 Hack Lets You Download Friends Games

Many a times you must have cursed yourself for buying the same video game as your brother or friend did. In fact there is no reason why you should buy the same game over and over again if someone close by has the same cd.


Though it is not clear of its legal, a French guy Khoi has hacked the PS3 in order to find out a way to download games that have already been purchased or a family member. What you would need to do is, first create a new user on your PS3 and then login as that user. Now try signing up for PlayStation Network with an ‘Existing Account’. Once you do so, you would need to enter your friend’s or family member’s login information. You can give your benefactor your details for this favour.




It is however important not to divulge details with strangers however attractive the game might sound. It is not only important to respect copyrights laws, but you would be in deep trouble if your credit card information gets in to the hands of strangers. You would certainly not want to be stripped off all the credit you have in your credit by a stranger just for a copy of the game your friend purchased. Would you?




Thanks for the info, Khoi!

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