First Gran Turismo 5 Trailer

Who else can’t wait until the new Gran Turismo 5 is finally released for the PS3? I’m certain I ain’t the only Gran Turismo fan out there, and based on this first trailer, this upcoming release will gather the old fans and new ones back on the series.


This new trailer of the anticipated Gran Turismo 5 is the video shown by Sony at E3 just a few days ago. Based on my judgement, it combines game footage with real images, so we could tell that there are just a few slight differences. I mean, this new video really shows how much the PS3 development team has gone with the graphics and overall look.

I remember when Gran Turismo 3 cdame out for PS2, and I was amazed at the gameplay, looks and depth of the game and thought ‘how can it be made btter?’. Well, it keeps getting better and looking more and more like real life. Perhaps one day we would be able to take our Driver’s test by sitting in front of our TV at home and requiring to pass a certain stage at Gran Turismo 5. Can’t wait until it becomes a reality.

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