PlayStation Now Beta Heading For PlayStation 4

Sony gets ready to bring their game streaming service to the PlayStation 4 on May 20th.

PlayStation Now ready logo

Since it’s start around late January, the beta for Sony’s newly announced streaming game service, PlayStation Now, has been quietly under way. Successfully, too, with private beta testers logging in over 50,000 gameplay hours.

Up till this point, those numbers have been accumulated on the PlayStation 3, with testers streaming such PS3 titles as The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, and Puppeteer. Now with the planned Summer launch just around the bend, Sony is entering into phase two by expanding PS Now to the PlayStation 4 starting May 20.

PlayStation Now PlayStation library

Those already enrolled for the PS Now beta only need to wait for an email voucher code to begin using the streaming service on their PS4s. Sony is planning on branching out to more users in the near future, but you can still be apart of a chosen few by registering for a Private Beta invite through their registration website.

As for PS Now itself, Sony is targeting to bring the service to all its platforms (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) and other Sony devices, like their brand of Bravia televisions. The catalogue of games available from PS Now hasn’t been solidified yet, although much speculation has mentioned support of titles both new and from the PSone/PlayStation 2 era.

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