Playstation Move review and release date

The new product from Sony, the PlayStation Move. Microsoft are saying that Sony copied them, as Microsoft is releasing the Kinetic and made it available for the public to know about it one year and a half, or more, in advance. So Microsoft do think Sony has copied there idea, but enough about Microsoft and the Xbox. Let’s talk PS3.

PlayStation Move
Anyway PS3 gamers in the EU are the most excited, as the PlayStation Move will be available a whole week before the US and one day before Australia. On the other hand Japanese gamers are the least happy, as in Japan it’s going to take another month and a half. So if your Japanese, tough luck. Just think that I will be using the Move a whole month and two weeks before you. Haha, I’m joking, I do feel for you, I’m a good person. Now these dates have already been confirmed and are official so take a look below-

  • USA 19 September
  • EU 15 September
  • AUS 16 September
  • JAP 21 October

So the PlayStation Move is another ‘version’ of Sony’s ‘interactive game cameras’. I say this because Sony have already released one or two cameras like this, without the controllers, (I’ll explain later) There used to be one on the PlayStation 2 for boxing games, and more interactive ones instead of just using the joystick. It’s expected to be a great hit for the whole Sony gaming market, and the PlayStation it’s self.

Now it’s not going to be as advanced as the Xbox Kinetic, but it seems to be a tiny bit more responsive which can make a huge difference when it comes to deciding on the best one. But keep in mind that the PlayStation Move isn’t just about the camera in front of you, it even has the controllers like the Nintendo Wii, actually they look the same. Here take a look-

Move Controllers

It just has a light bulb sort of thing in front of it. I think it’s pretty cool and like it.

So if your a big PlayStation fan like me, then go out and buy it, that is when it’s released of course. In the mean time have fun.

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