New Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Expansion Coming In April

Boot up and get the full layout for the first multiplayer expansion for Killzone: Shadow Fall on the PlayStation 4.

Killzone Shadow Fall Insugent Pack image

Guerrilla Games is readying the first multiplayer expansion for Killzone: Shadow Fall on the PlayStation 4, and lordy is it full of awesome content. Planned for an April release, The Insurgent Pack will feature a new Character Class, 3 new abilities, 3 new weapons, and 2 new game modes that should wet your multiplayer whistle fully.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect with the Insurgent pack:

  • The Insurgent – a brand new class with two unique abilities: Hack and Steal.

The insurgent starts with just a pistol and his wits about him. As vulnerable as he is, he can slowly build up his arsenal in the game by using [Steal] to steal weapons and abilities from downed enemies, which enables him to use those weapons throughout the game, even if he falls in combat. By Using [Hack] he can change enemy ground automata into friendlies, turning the tide of battle quite swiftly.

  • 3 New Abilities – The Scout, Support and Assault also get additional abilities

• E-Pulse emitter – a deployable beacon that sends out an e-pulse making it difficult for enemy units to install automata in that area

• Tactical Echo emitter – a deployable beacon that send out a Tactical Echo from a fixed location making the area hard to infiltrate by hidden enemy units

• Guard Drone – The Assault gets a stationary Buddy drone; deploy it in one place and it guards the location from a ground level.

  • 3 New Weapons – Welcome old friends and new with this pack of weapons for the Scout, Assault and Support:

• M82 – the classic assault rifle of choice from Killzone 2 and 3 is back!

• L512 SMG Pistol – this amazing machine pistol makes your tactical secondary weapon of choice that much more punch

• Sta14 Rifle – The sniper rifle of many battles past adds to your long distance sniping arsenal.

  • New Single Player Elite Mode – The nightmarish difficulty of Elite Mode will test the hardest of warriors

• 3 lives, Hard difficulty, and the Shadowfall campaign to test your mettle.

  • New Online Collectibles Mode – Find the online collectibles crates in game for rewards

A limited set of collectible crates will spawn only for Insurgent Expansion holders, one per match for a limited time. Collect one and earn extra points in game, collect more and stand to win rewards in game.

  • Insurgent Personalisation Pack –

• 1 OWL Skin
• 3 Spotlight Moves
• 1 Voice Over pack containing HGH and VSA battle chatter voices

  • New Challenges and Trophies

All this content comes with its own set of Challenges and Trophies to unlock. Trophy details will be released soon.

You’ll be able to enjoy all that Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer expansion goodness for the sweet low price of $9.99, come this April when it launches. Customers who have already purchased the season pass for the game will receive the pack for free.

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