A Damnation PS3 Mod: Steampunk Mod

A beautiful looking PS3 Mod that is all wood and brass, bringing the steampunk style to life to the Playstation 3 like we never seen before.


A previous wood PS3 Mod was a little less involved that looked nice but more like a cover up and skinning job, unlike this new Playstation masterpiece. Created by Maduncle, this is an external modding job as to keep it within warranty and not hurting its lifeline.


This PS3 Mod began with a wood veneer and a brass trim. After locating pins were apparent, some items such as and old radio valve, a pipe valve, a pressure gauge, assorted brass plumbing parts and some additional trim were added for an additional design. Once attached, the finish was aged with some additional coats of varnish.


With some remaining plastic areas clear to the eye, liquid iron was applied along with instant rust for an additional vintage look.


The bottom line is a beautiful Steampunk styled PS3 Mod that could be deemed as a beautiful masterpiece.


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