Mexican PS3 Ad Campaign Blurs Reality and the Virtual

Sony Playstation is known for its avant-garde ad campaigns which are usually quite shocking in nature. The ads seem to suggest that the PS3 allows the player to experience an altered state of reality where the real and the unreal merge. Moreover, the PS3 ads seem to indicate that the reality which is mundane and boring is made interesting thanks to the virtual fun and adventure that PS3 consoles provide in the form of video game entertainment.

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god of war ps3 ad campaign

The latest ad campaign by Mexican Ad Agency Diagonal is all about how PS3 consoles provide you with possibilities that you may never have thought of. The graphically rich posters help you to forsake the boring reality and embrace a virtual-reality which may overlap with the existing reality too.

For instance, one of the ad posters urge you to destroy 7,000 enemies along with the pictures of your nagging in-laws. The image shows a sullen mother-in-law being pushed out of the PS3 console.

judgement day ps3 ad campaign

Another poster tells and reminds you that the judgment day is not far, and that the aliens need to be killed.

zombie ps3 ad campaign

Yet another poster asks you to dance with the zombies before killing them, thanks to the versatility of the PS3.

hitch ps3 ad campaign

The final poster encourages the player to exercise promiscuous instincts by hitching a partner while hitting on another secretly. You could also check a more minimalist and simplistic ad poster unveiled by a Chilean Ad Agency.

10 thoughts on “Mexican PS3 Ad Campaign Blurs Reality and the Virtual

  1. Kris .

    You know that these arent official ads right? They are not endorsed by SONY. Same with the earlier Nazi ads from South America.

  2. name .

    sony never learn with there adds do they?
    they brought a goat to sacrifice at the GOW2 launch and got completley told off.
    they got told off and forced to remove the killzone 2 adds because the helghast helmets were “scary”
    and now this?
    its almost like they enjoy getting told off and forced to remove advertisement they paid for.
    talk about thick as a doorknob!

  3. D_K .

    Heh, those made me laugh

    And aren’t you taking these things a little seriously? I mean come on, they’re adverts designed to appeal to your average everyday gamer, not a bunch of politically correct douchebags who probably eat organic bread and complain about carbon emissions…

  4. jo blo .

    these ads are terrible. bad grammar, shitty writing, no idea, and photoshopping that makes the eyes hurt. Your descriptions are sycophantic and useless. thank you for indulging us in a fucking nonevent you piss-drunk queer.

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