Logitech PS3 Adapter for Universal Remotes


Using a Harmony remote is one of the gadget experience anybody can have due to their universality and now, it seems like we can use it with the PS3 console as well. If you can’t contain your excitement, hold your breath, for Logitech’s new adapter lets you control PS3 while watching a movie or video on it with a Harmony remote.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come integrated with Bluetooth support as we might have liked though the idea is pretty cool nevertheless. With the help of this adapter you can avoid using USB ports which could be used for other devices. Moreover, the idea of having full control over your PS3 if you are watching a movie, including switching it on and off is something that can’t be ignored.

If you can’t let go of your PS3 Bluetooth remote, think again. Logitech’s adapter for Harmony remotes for PS3 will allow you to use a single universal remote for all your needs. Logitech however is known to keep the products pricey and not much is being revealed at the moment. It would be interesting to see if this adapter would really work well, even without the Bluetooth ability, and if it does work, I am all game for it!

Via: PS3Blog

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