Black Friday PS3 Deal

There are probably many Black Friday PS3 Deals that give a few bucks off or a coupon for accessories, but this one credits you $150, and I am not talking about a PS3 Vending Machine here. Moreover, this one doesn’t require you to wake up early, sleep outside to be within the first 10 or limits you to a specific store. Sounds like this Black Friday won’t be so black thanks to Playstation.

This Black Friday Deal seen at Yahoo offers $150 Credit on a newly opened Sony and Visa Collaborative card when purchasing a PS3 Game console. This may not give you $150 off at checkout or by mail, but is is actual credit that can be used towards actual physical items. Furthermore, this PS3 Card grants you additional ‘bonus points’ towards Playstation purchases each time it is used.

I am not sure, but this Black Friday Deal could be a major one for those that are waiting for that great PS3 Deal, allowing them to finally get their hands on this amazing Video Game Console. And like the Playstation 3 Chatpad, it is here in perfect time for the Holidays.

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