Playstation 3 Cakes are Sweet Enough to Eat

These Playstation 3 Cakes Artwork are sweet!….sweeeeeet you hear? The PS3 cake art graphics may not equal the actual PS3 gaming console, but the thought and taste is what counts.

The first Playstation 3 cake from CubedFood is simple enough and just gets our Playstation 3 taste buds going.

On the first Anniversary of the Playstation 3, Punchbutton got a piece of this game console cake.

with the controller and game accompanying this PS3 cake Jennyc made, I cannot stop and think what a great creation the actual Playstation 3 is to inspire such a cake.

Lilthorner has made a cake that seems heavier and larger than the actual console. On a good note, the controller is made of Rice Krispies Treats.

4 thoughts on “Playstation 3 Cakes are Sweet Enough to Eat

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