Little Big Planet Sackboy Costume Stolen

The PS3 Little Big Planet Sackboy Character may have had the costume stolen from a non credited artist. As shocking and outrageous as this is, the suspicion is justified.

Sony held a design Competition for Little Big Planet prior to its release and the Sackboy character which we are familiar with today has some similarities to a non-winning design entry. Could this be true? Could Sony have stolen a design without providing credit?

Take a look at the images and make your own judgment about whether SOny has taken a design that is not theirs. Based on these pics, I think the artist may have stolen from Disney. Doesn’t it look inspired by Stitch?

Via: CVG Images: Forum

4 thoughts on “Little Big Planet Sackboy Costume Stolen

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  3. sackster .

    no way! bull absolute bull! i have complete faith that Mm wouldent do this
    so if i make a gorrila stile costume and send it to you guys would that mean sony stole from me??? either way this desighner should be grateful!

  4. Deadpool .

    tom is a retard obviously that doesnt look like stitch at all its a shark dumbass and sony doesnt steal microsoft does

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