GBlaster Playstation 3 Controller Mod: Rapid Fire

This great GBlaster Playstation 3 Mod is fully defined and provides for easy rapid fire.

You do not see too many Playstation 3 Mods, so this Controller one is both a great find plus more than worthy for a mention. I mean, who wouldn’t want an easy to use rapid fire capability when playing for hours on end in the various PS3 games.

You can check out GBlaster’s manual here for changes and modification, or also find the PS3 Cam Mod.

Via: QJ

8 thoughts on “GBlaster Playstation 3 Controller Mod: Rapid Fire

  1. jay .

    hey were can u get good rapidfire controlers from they look boss but some look like ordinary controlers but they say rapidfire ps3 some people saybit wrecks the controlers but i justneed torank up plz reply

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