Evil PS3 Screaming Skull Cover

This PS3 cover accessory is simply morbid but so cool. The Screaming Skull actually makes me feel as if someone was in extreme pain when it was made. Perhaps it is actually a remake of the Han Solo in Carbonite image but focused on the agony and evil of the dark side.

The Playstation 3 looks amazing already, but with this cover accessory it could scare your rivals into losing to you in the game. While you are used to it and enjoy its status, they could not keep their eyes off of the skull hypnotic gaze…looking straight into their soul.

Hey, the Screaming Skull Protective Mask Cover for Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 is only $10.99 and may be the perfect addition to your ps3 gameroom.

Via: ChipChick

3 thoughts on “Evil PS3 Screaming Skull Cover

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