Ultimate Sony PS3 Mods and Design Collection

The Sony PS3 game console is probably the best designed Video game product ever. Along with the Sony Playstation 3 fans imagination and creativity, it is also the best looking console within the the 3 main competitors. Right here is the Ultimate Sony PS3 Mods and Design Collection showing the game console in a different color, shape and form.

1 Metal Gear Solid 4

This amazing Charity based Metal Gear Solid 4 seen at PS3Fanboy can actually cause a Heart Attack to Snake’s fans. With the front and back custom made including special signatures by the creators, it is one collectible item. The controller is also custom made, making it an amazing artifact.

Would you actually play this thing or keep it locked up?

2 Colorware Personal Customization

Think you have an imaginative mind? Do you want a personal PS3 game console that shows your character and spirit? Colorware let you paint the Playstation 3 from the enormous game console down to the actual controllers. Now that is personalization.

3 George Foreman PS3 Grill

A weird but totally desireable comboination of a George Foreman Grill and a Playstation 3. Seen at 2DayBlog, this PS3 was made into a functional grill but leaves out the gaming experience. It would be a lot cheaper and less painful if they just went out and bought a grill instead of bringing the demise of the PS3 game console.

4 Huge 750GB Playstation 3

I guess someone didn’t think 40, 60, or 80GB are enough storage and submitted this huge Hard Drive storage mod to PS3Mods.Blogspot to show off. Ok, so now you have the storage, when are we going to play?

5 Celebrities PS3 Love

Celebrities don’t only get perks in clothing, food and mass cash, but they receive specially designed Playstation 3 consoles also. What is it, they do not have enough money to buy one, all they need to do is ask? Did they even say please?

Gamestyle showed us a few of these PS3 babies as a simple example of how nice it could be…hmmm.

6 GT Challenge PS3 Cockpit

Gimme th keys, I’m driving! This would be an absolute rush to drive and fly using the Playstation 3 platform. Driving in Gran Turismo or flying through the sky would be given a whole new feel using this Cockpit simulator from Simworks

7 Water Cooled Playstation 3 System

After hours of playing, the PS3 needs some additional way to cool itself down. Since it is hard for us to let it rest, bp3blogger presented this water cooled system, so the console will get a little extra help in its lungs.

8 Kobe Bryant PS3

Just like the rest of the celebrities, this player receives his own Playstation 3 console, and the pictures were found at KB24Forums.

9 Rainbow Six PS3 Design

This great remale of Rainbow Six Playstation 3 was found at Technabob with all its glory and concept. It is a sight to the eyes, making it an ultimate part of this PS3 Mod collection.

10 Playstation 3 Laptop

The PS3 Laptop was built by Modding extordinaire Ben Heck for Engadget and was later auctioned with funds given to charity. As stated, it is a combination of a Laptop and a Playstation 3 game console for the ultimate machine for mobile gaming. At a hefty 16 pounds, it sports a 17 inch monitor and all the fixings we could not do without.

11 PS3 with mini screen

Simple, yet desired. The PS3 mod here is just an addition of a miniature screen to connect to the original game console.

117 thoughts on “Ultimate Sony PS3 Mods and Design Collection

  1. Barney Gillette .

    For those closed minded down to earth guys who think that the ps3 isn’t a cool console

    I have the three of them and each one is for diferent moods, the wii is like playing with ur girl friend because u move and that doesn’t make you a lazy ass who just uses his fancy tipical-console wireless thing to play,

    The xbox 360 just needs a Windows minded geek with a lot of creativity to turn it into a cool shit that does a lot of things… at the end of the point when we unasemble this things we just see an HDMI out put on the good ones, @ some fps and some resolutions… at the end of all this u just need those numbers like CPUs GPUs EVERYTHING/ELSE-PUs*
    to run the purpose of this purchase: a game and everything else on the big screen cuz that’s why u hook it up in ur TV.

    and the Ps3 Is cool when u have the PSP as well, and a local hot spot with a huge drive so people who ask ho many gigs? u just say 1k and I just use it for play, I recomend Time capsule 1TB for Applers  or the location Free player… that little sony thing hook it up with all the stuff U’ll find out windows people u have more options, gamers of course are going to say wired it’s better… then wire it!…. I just see it like diferent stlyles and don’t try to find perfection in this era….

    1080P seems to be cool… I just read an article of a RED camera who has Twice as power on resolutions than 1080P When those TV’s come to market we will see something more interesting JUST PLAY THE EXPENSIVE CONSOLE U JUST BOUGHT !!!

    When internet gets better around the world will people buy a console like buying another useful accessory for home?

    The cool Thing will be on when companies like EA/Rockstar Games/Maxxis/etc, etc….

    be the game providers like a phone company that u pay an 2,3,4 year content suscription (we: (the world) expect to be cheap because of the oviously upcoming human-overpopulated-warmed-earth with money crisis…… JUST PRINT MORE MONEY !!!!

    *processing units )

  2. Barney Gillette .

    To the rest of the cool guys who think PS3 is cool,

    I’m not a geek but I know some shit and I always try to keep it Simple I have tried all of them and being serious… U know which one is the coolest one, Just look at the number nine Is SWEET I would love to turn my PS3 on a HOTEL CASINO with my own HELIPAD !!! dude…!! U ROCK!

    I’ll make My own and then if some one know where to post it here I can show u my creation =) It’s like playing the architect and making ur own Building!! and the best part is because It’s cheap and U use the PS3 as The cool Glowing thing of my room!!!

    and the correct position of playing is at that position u see it looks cool in a non that big screen that makes u feel when u were younger playing a game in a really cool computer with a really cool screen comprising to your non cool computer and your non cool screen from this era….

    like the one with the racing seat that makes me feel in a smaller sized future HD arcades, but with no bag of coins =D or those prepaid U’ll-never-get-VIP-until-u-spend-a-hundred-on it !! always lost arcade cards…. just ur ENERGY BILL and HOURS of PRECIOUS TIME!!! haha!! >≈D

    Btw any cool guy w/ geek skills who know how to put leopard/leopard snow on a PS3?? I just need the kext files I’m stuck on that I some one knows how to do it please post me here I have no info of that as far as I can browse…. thanks 4 reading!!

  3. Ash .



    PS3 Sucks! It has a lot of processing power but not enough RAM to keep up with the latest games. Sure its the fastest type of RAM, but due to the lack of actual memory size, the games lag-like-hell.

    If people at Sony were as efficient as people at Microsoft, they would have just used the DDR2 @ 1066, with a GB of memory. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A CONSOLE WORTH PRAISING!

    Dec 4th, 2008

    Erm, the Xbox has only 512mB of RAM in it the same as the PS3, Originally the 360 was only going to have 256Mb of RAM but only at last minute did they decide to change it. The PS3 is a lot more powerful than Xbox, having said that the games library for it is much greater (well utnil recent times). Now Xbox are also going to have the new final fantasy they have to rework the game so it can run on the 360.

    They can’t release a game for one system and have better quality graphics to the other one.

    So thanks Microshit for dulling down FF ¬¬

  4. Deeznutznurmouff .

    All these mods for the ps3 are kinda cool but the point is (WHAT ABOUT THE REAL DEAL BACK UP GAMES MODDING) The xbox is the best system out right now and NO ONE can deny it. SONY IS A BITER, it just waits for other consoles to come out, buys one, opens it, uses generic parts and trys to one up on the other console. Yup thats right they did it to SEGA and now they are trying to do it to MICROSOFT. And Microsoft is still coming out with better shit just look at the game list and NO NOT THE LIBRARY LIST BUT THE NEW GAMES YET TO BE RELEASED. MORE AND MORE GAME COMPANIES ARE MOVING TO MICROSOFT. PLUS EVEN THOUGH ONLINE GAMING ISN’T FREE IT IS A HEELL OF ALLOT BETTTER THEN WHAT PS3 IS SHOWING. YOU PS3 FANATICS ARE RETARDED. I BET MOST OF YOU DON’T EVEN OWN AT LEAST 5 PS3 GAMES AND MAINLY USE IT TO WATCH MOVIES. WHILE I SIT IN MY LIVING ROOM IN FROM OF MY BIG SCREEN T.V. PLAYING ALL THESE XBOX 360 GAMES ONLINE WHERE ITS NOT A GHOST TOWN. XBOX RULEZ, MICROSOFT RULEZ, AMERICA RULEZ.

  5. Microsoft Sucks .

    @ Deeznutznurmouff

    U bein real dumb. The X-Box came out after the PS2 so it only right the PS3 came out after the X-Box 360. Once again like others have said how can the PS3 library be better when the 360 has been out longer but it is changing. u 360 kids keep yellin bout how online play, well have fun with the red ring of death dumb asses. And I have 22 games and countin. The PS3 is so much better that the 360 keeps taking price cuts to sell more units. shame shame shame.

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  10. steve terrell .

    i have had ps3 12/17/06 ,,i have more than hand full of modds ,on inter hard drive ,ran 3 nexstar external hard drives,,each one has linux packages,in 11feet wall unit 57 wide screen,an 2 20 ‘ on each side,up top 2×3 little bigger is house ps3 ,floor is import black vaneless marble,1 inch up side crush glass,,sides, back are mirrored,back mirrored wall has glass self 11 inch deep ,an 8 inch from top,the 3 nexstar 3external hard drive sit on,right behind there is mirror angle down at 45 degrees,top has 40 blue led light, an 20 clear flashing led,or steady on, for stars,ps3 has 1 1/2 tall glass rod,quater inch thick to sit on an not marble,,has leds,fiber tree on side of hhd,an esata bracket cut in the hhd door cover an plug in instead of inside drive.on the other side add other 7 inch to from other an custom 3 hdmi,3 sound, 3 power usb,,3 fan ,with 3 led hdmi selctor by HDMI SELECT/ DVD REMOTE,green ,yellow moving butterfly,,ps3 is did it self all white with black tiger strips ,24″blaclight,STALKERMD_HD

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  15. Goward .

    I need an Playstation 3 modified for an MJ Tribute can you please contact me 323 299-1881, I need to meet with you.

  16. GirlGamerSamantha .

    I would love the Rainbow Six one and also the water cooling one,as i play way too much,and my ps3 is slowly dying haha

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  22. MutualGamer .

    Right, both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 need RAM upgrades to function with HD and have the capabilitys of processing partys and chat, while both have 512mb GDDR3, the Xbox 360 only uses about 22mb on its OS where as the PS3 pulls +90mb for its OS. Making the Xbox quicker theoretically. The Playstation on the other hand has much more advanced graphics, where as the Xbox just has quicker graphics.

    These consoles need not to be argued over but to be enjoyed.

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