Ultimate Sony PS3 Mods and Design Collection

The Sony PS3 game console is probably the best designed Video game product ever. Along with the Sony Playstation 3 fans imagination and creativity, it is also the best looking console within the the 3 main competitors. Right here is the Ultimate Sony PS3 Mods and Design Collection showing the game console in a different color, shape and form.

1 Metal Gear Solid 4

This amazing Charity based Metal Gear Solid 4 seen at PS3Fanboy can actually cause a Heart Attack to Snake’s fans. With the front and back custom made including special signatures by the creators, it is one collectible item. The controller is also custom made, making it an amazing artifact.

Would you actually play this thing or keep it locked up?

2 Colorware Personal Customization

Think you have an imaginative mind? Do you want a personal PS3 game console that shows your character and spirit? Colorware let you paint the Playstation 3 from the enormous game console down to the actual controllers. Now that is personalization.

3 George Foreman PS3 Grill

A weird but totally desireable comboination of a George Foreman Grill and a Playstation 3. Seen at 2DayBlog, this PS3 was made into a functional grill but leaves out the gaming experience. It would be a lot cheaper and less painful if they just went out and bought a grill instead of bringing the demise of the PS3 game console.

4 Huge 750GB Playstation 3

I guess someone didn’t think 40, 60, or 80GB are enough storage and submitted this huge Hard Drive storage mod to PS3Mods.Blogspot to show off. Ok, so now you have the storage, when are we going to play?

5 Celebrities PS3 Love

Celebrities don’t only get perks in clothing, food and mass cash, but they receive specially designed Playstation 3 consoles also. What is it, they do not have enough money to buy one, all they need to do is ask? Did they even say please?

Gamestyle showed us a few of these PS3 babies as a simple example of how nice it could be…hmmm.

6 GT Challenge PS3 Cockpit

Gimme th keys, I’m driving! This would be an absolute rush to drive and fly using the Playstation 3 platform. Driving in Gran Turismo or flying through the sky would be given a whole new feel using this Cockpit simulator from Simworks

7 Water Cooled Playstation 3 System

After hours of playing, the PS3 needs some additional way to cool itself down. Since it is hard for us to let it rest, bp3blogger presented this water cooled system, so the console will get a little extra help in its lungs.

8 Kobe Bryant PS3

Just like the rest of the celebrities, this player receives his own Playstation 3 console, and the pictures were found at KB24Forums.

9 Rainbow Six PS3 Design

This great remale of Rainbow Six Playstation 3 was found at Technabob with all its glory and concept. It is a sight to the eyes, making it an ultimate part of this PS3 Mod collection.

10 Playstation 3 Laptop

The PS3 Laptop was built by Modding extordinaire Ben Heck for Engadget and was later auctioned with funds given to charity. As stated, it is a combination of a Laptop and a Playstation 3 game console for the ultimate machine for mobile gaming. At a hefty 16 pounds, it sports a 17 inch monitor and all the fixings we could not do without.

11 PS3 with mini screen

Simple, yet desired. The PS3 mod here is just an addition of a miniature screen to connect to the original game console.

117 thoughts on “Ultimate Sony PS3 Mods and Design Collection

  1. Tbreak .

    The PS3 sucks man. Its why its sales are so bad compared to Nintendo or Microsoft.

    No games + rip off pricing = Typical Sony Modus Operandi

  2. JOHN .

    TBREAK, it’s always fun to see fanboys ruin everyone’s fun by just being completely stupid, but try breathing and letting some oxygen get to your brain before making comments. Factor in PS2, PS3, and PSP, and Sony is beating the shit out of MS (but not Nintendo). Considering also what the PS3 is, a console + Bluray player, the pricing has never been an issue to people who can actually afford one. Game libraries also usually take time to build, and the fact that the 360 was released a full year before the PS3, typically would allow a system to have… oh… I dunno… a years worth more of games?

  3. John Wayne .

    Modus Operandi….learned that phrase today and just had to use it somewhere didn’t ya?

    shit + head = shithead = you / (your mom * amount of sperm in your mom’s stomach)

  4. Maybe .

    that air cooled ps3 is not air cooled, Air cooled is the stock cooling most use already the fan with the sucking and the blowing (yea that sounds wrong). That mod is Liquid cooling, there is also vapor cooling out there to.

  5. thbirdman .

    It’s Benheck, not Hack. Actually it’s really Benjamin Heckendorn. If you’re gonna put his name there at least get it correct. Also it’s a water cooled ps3. Every normal ps3 is air cooled.

  6. admin .

    Air Cooled PS3 changed to Water cooled; sometimes people make mistakes.

    Ben Heck’s name also fixed.

    Thanks for all the comments and screaming of the awful mistakes.


  7. webterractive .

    water cooled one is practical cause if the 360 is loud cause of it’s CPU/GPU then the PS3 must be boiling. Car mod looks cool for racing games, and the George Forman one is tastey.

  8. Livvie .


    While I sort of agree with you – though I personally like the Wii better, I think you need to reread your comments. OBVIOUSLY for people who can afford PS3’s the price isn’t an issue. Duhh.

  9. jim .

    LOLZ while u guys are busy modding your gay videogame systems i will be having intercourse with all of your hot dads!! mmm!!!

  10. Stone .

    yeah >.>;; ummm the 750GB ones pretty badass but the racing things cool too, nonethless im never buying a PS3 bc they suck ass
    (just so u guys kno i alrdy bought one… it broke after about 2 months)
    Microsoft FTW
    but Windows = FAIL and Linux = FTW lol! XD

  11. Jimmy 187uf .

    The 750 hard drive is the best, but the metal gear solid is the coolest looking. The laptop is also badass

  12. moxlon69 .

    Love the MGS4 and the Vegas mods. I considered doing a water cooled mod on my console.. but in all honesty, doing folding@home for 8 hours straight, it still runs cooler than my 360 does when it’s been running for 10 minutes. and noise? hell.. my ps3 is basically whisper quiet, even when I leave it on folding overnight. my 360 is loud from the second I turn it on till I turn it off. hope to see some more cool mods for the ps3 in the near future

  13. Playstation games .

    Amazing post, i love all the mods they rock the SOX!!! Awesome ROXERZZ! Awesome mods, i gota say i love the 3rd one, metal gear is awesome damn it i love this blog!!

  14. Jay .

    I am a fan of the PS3 laptop. True, it’s not going to get lugged around, but if you mess around with the OS on there, and install some games, it’s a crazy powerful gaming laptop, with a PS3 in there to boot.

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  18. Administrator .

    PS3 Sucks! It has a lot of processing power but not enough RAM to keep up with the latest games. Sure its the fastest type of RAM, but due to the lack of actual memory size, the games lag-like-hell.

    If people at Sony were as efficient as people at Microsoft, they would have just used the DDR2 @ 1066, with a GB of memory. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A CONSOLE WORTH PRAISING!

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  21. richard .

    That is very true admin, i am a ps3 fan myself and have also noticed that the newer games are kind of laggy, its a piss off, but oh well, the $500 is already gone, plus i like it for the bluray player and the “FREE ONLINE GAMING” that you have to pay for on xbox.

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  26. Jerry "H13h Ink" .

    i finished a custom painted ps3 called: “ps3 homicide” (go to “view all sets,” then “airbrushed” then “ps3 homicide” link) i am curious of what you think. any critique is appreciated (good or bad) thanks.

  27. hayden .

    People who trash PS3 are just dumb, I’m sorry but if your going to tell me that a PS3, which is the best console on the market, is bad, then you either haven’t owned one or you took horrible care of it. PS3 is the most expandable, customizable system out there and not to mention that it has the best specifications. I don’t see any other console that can put 3rd party hard drives in or play divx and mpeg4 formats, the PS3 console literally destroys the competition on all counts except the online gaming experience. Although PS3 has free online and is decent to play. It has a growing playstation store wth products and online games that offer good online interaction and play.

    PS3 is the best I have seen so far and no one can convince me and millions of others that another system is better.

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  29. apple juice .

    the PS3, is a realy good system.
    i havent used one much because i dont own one.
    but from what i have read.
    it is a realy good system.
    its the only game system i know of that currently has HD.
    and has a harddrive in it.
    and incorperates some function of the WII remotes
    and when some one finds out how to put CFW or finds a solid way to play
    ISO,image files, burned discs, ect
    it will be a wicked system.
    they dont usally break compaired to the xbox360
    if you dont have things blocking the air intakes, and exausts, then you dont got any worrie about heat.
    maybe some time, someone will come out with a mod for more RAM
    but in the mean time.
    i dont recomend updating
    as it may become harder to load CFW onto it later on in the future.

  30. punkinpie .

    You 360 lovers who are trash talking the PS3 cuz yours broke or whatever, have you not hear of the red ring of death, half of the 360s microsoft sold were to people who were replacing the one that broke before they upped the warrentee to 3years because of it .

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