PES 2010 Pro Evolution Soccer PS3 Demo Available

Fans of the PES Pro Evolution soccer video game for the PS3 would be happy to hear that the new PES 2010 Demo is now availble to try out the new game prior to its October 22, 2009 release.

pes 2010 pro evolution soccer ps3 game

The Pro Evolution has been a huge success in the last years, with more and more PS3 players leaving the FIFA franchise and going crazy with the PES series. The PES Pro Evolution 2010 Soccer demo for the PS3 was released at the same time that it was for the PC and Xbox 360.

pes 2010 messi

pes 2010 ballack

pes 2010 buffon

The new PES 2010 demo allows major Soccer fans to try out a friendly 5 minute game to play against their friends or computer. The new Pro Evolution 2010 has been patched up and continuoully improved in the previous months based on feedback from actual PS3 players along with other Xbox 360 and PC gamers.

The demo of PES 2010 lets you choose between Barcelona or Liverpool and also include Germany, Spain, France and Italy as national teams. In addition, you can see by the screenshots that the actual graphics have been improved, and it was mentioned gameplay and speed have been enhanced as well.

If you are looking for a PC version of PES 2010 as well as the PS3, it can be downloaded at PESFan and PES 2010 for the PS3 may be pre-ordered for only $56.99.

pes 2010 puyol

pes 2010 zambrotta

21 thoughts on “PES 2010 Pro Evolution Soccer PS3 Demo Available

  1. malias4 .

    Guys be patient, the king of footie is gonna come soon.. Im also waiting for the demo on ps3 but not yet eh? on xbox its already there… sh..t

  2. buttaz .

    DAMN NORTH AMERICA SONY !! We alaways get sh*t last !!… is now 5:30pm eastern time and is not available yet…


  3. cocu sc .

    SOny sucks so much ass!! I already downloaded from the xbox live bazar and i go on my ps3 and u cant downloaded grrrrrrr

    later sony will ask “why people like better xbox360??”

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